Wisdom- Learning from Others

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There are all types of ways of learning in today’s world. There are people who have tons of knowledge and there are some people who have a lot of wisdom. Knowledge is great and all, but if it’s not applied then how good is it really? If you ask me, wisdom is knowledge applied. A lot of times in the past I felt wisdom came from life experience. Today, I see wisdom in a different light. Wisdom can come from lift experience, but also wisdom can be found in learning from other people’s mistakes and experiences. It's said, " A fool learns from his own mistakes, while a wise man learns from others". I still always make mistakes, but I strive to not only learn from my own, but also learn from others on the regular

Wisdom at South Orange County Detox & Treatment and Sponsorship

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In recovery you need good wisdom to surround you and help you get out of the hole that you dug yourself into.  There are many ways of gaining wisdom.  If you are as lucky as me you will land here at South Orange County Detox & Treatment (SOCD) instead of other “treatment” facilities out there. While other places work on addiction, SOCD works on both addiction and behaviors. You could have years without drugs but without working deeper you will still be the same addict just as you were without them. SOCD provides more wisdom and knowledge about addiction through therapists, staff and other recovering alcoholics/addicts. I say legitimate because nowadays it is hard to find legitimacy in recovery. Here they have degrees literally hanging on walls to prove the work they’ve put in to become who they are today. The most wisdom I have attained from SOCD is actually from the program director. She work 24 hours a day literally to make sure everyone has their needs met. She is a miracle worker. Even though she owns this place she still works here. SOCD has been her calling for many years and seeing her work in action helping people has motivated me to go to school to learn more on what I can do to help others. There is nothing but wisdom here. That is why I have been here for 11 months. I keep learning and bettering myself.   Additionally, I recommended getting a sponsor that knows what he/she is doing, preferably with a good amount of time. 

Reflections on Wisdom

Wisdom cannot be a factor in my life when I am drinking but when sober, I like to think I have at least a small amount of wisdom.   I have always had close friends that have or are old enough to be my father and some old enough to be my grandfather. I learn much from being around older men who have already been through life.

Wisdom, being one of God’s greatest attributes helps me understand how valuable this quality is. When I think of the term “wisdom”, I immediately think of Mahatma Gandhi and wise King Solomon. Gandhi had several of the most well known quotes to date. He was not only wise but very intelligent as well. His wisdom came from his training, observation, patience and love for all mankind. His hope was that all men/women would use Jesus Christ as an example, although being Buddhist and not a Christian, he thoughts outside the box.

Next, wise King Solomon was known as the wisest person on Earth for a long period of time and accomplishing many, many great achievements. Wisdom to me is not just knowledge but the ability to think things through. Never saying or doing anything before considering any consequences, whether good or bad. Always considering other’s views, belief’s and feelings. I do believe that wisdom comes from life’s experiences, age, humility (the willingness to learn from others).

I also believe that in order to achieve wisdom you must seek it out. Wisdom is not for everyone, that’s for sure. The questions, especially for people who are recovering from addiction are:

1. Do I have morals?

2. Do I recognize right from wrong and do I personally listen

& act upon this?

3. Do I consider others as important as myself?

4. Is it my job or place to judge anyone else?

5. Does wisdom have anything to do with selfishness

or haughtiness?

6. Do I take advantage of others or bad situations?

7. Am I a selfish or a stingy person?

Final thought: “A truly wise individual must have values, integrity and exercise humility (the willingness to learn and be taught). Accepting constructive criticism from our peers and others. A wise person is someone I hope to be some day. This quality takes effort and work.

Wisdom in Practice

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I feel that wisdom comes with hard time spent on Earth. Good advice that comes from personal experience is my favorite kind of wisdom. Those that have humility in their step and carry a humble attitude are the ones I find to have wisdom that helps me get out of my self-centered ways. Wisdom that is practiced when preached comes out in behaviors that are positive. In recovery I find a lot of wisdom that is preached but not practiced. It is common to find this because we all are human and I fall into blame of this. But when I start to live by the wisdom that is preached I feel the spiritual change that then allows me to further gain my knowledge of wisdom. This cycle of awareness is endless enlightenment.

Wisdom Gained From A Decade of Drug Addiction

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Wisdom to me is gaining knowledge through personal experiences. I had two choices when I started using drugs. One was to stop and two ways to keep going. Two different paths. I chose to keep using drugs because I liked the way it made me feel. I didn’t know any better or where it would take me so I learned the hard way. I gained a lot of wisdom in the decade of my disease. Feeling my limitations on what are right and wrong, and good and bad. Without the experiences I’ve had in my addiction, I would not have the knowledge and wisdom in sobriety.

Finding Growth through the Wisdom of Others

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In my recovery, learning how to be honest and trust in other people hasn’t been easy. In active addiction I lied and manipulated to get the things I wanted and I didn’t trust anyone because I didn’t trust myself. I was driven by complete selfishness and I had no knowledge of who I was or why I did the things that I did. I was lost without the knowledge of knowing how to take care of myself or how to live life on life’s terms. I found every excuse to ignore the person that I truly was inside because I was afraid of what I might find.

I came to treatment and I was guided by Salina, and in her efforts to help me face myself and work towards my goals, I had more knowledge of who I was, who I am and how I can work to change. The key to being able to grow was the knowledge and wisdom from her own experiences that made it possible for me to grow therapeutically and spiritually.

I also have found myself in the rooms of AA. I have been fortunate enough to be able to learn from women with long-term sobriety and hear the wisdom that they share on what they did to maintain long term sobriety. Their wisdom comes from AA, as well as years of taking suggestions from other women. My spiritual journey has been influenced and continuous because I have remained willing to listen and learn from women who have wisdom into the disease of addiction and the way that the brain works. Without coming to treatment and finding myself into the rooms, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn how to trust and grow through the wisdom of others.