Perspective- Resolving Conflict


Being able to see all sides of a conflict, or a problem, is an important step and precursor to resolving arguments and conflicts thus attaining some level of serenity. Having a closed mind and a one-sided view of scenarios is always a sure-fire way of becoming angry, frustrated, sad, and resentful. It wasn’t until I was able to focus on perspective that I was able to let go of the negative emotions I had acquired throughout my addiction to drugs and alcohol. Often times my ego and stubbornness would tell me I’m right to think, act, and feel that I was always right and the party I was in conflict with was always wrong. However, now I make it a priority to keep an open mind and to think of perspective as a means to resolving conflict and making peace.

Perspective- A New Outlook

Perspective Recovery

In this life, perspective is seen in two forms, positive and negative. In my addiction I was walking with a backpack full of negative perspectives that outweighed any positive perceptions. Then, the day came where I decided to change my reality and surrendered to a process that involved living a drug free life. Working through the steps I started to unpack the negative perspectives and let go of my unhealthy delusional perceptions that used to pollute my thinking. My perceptions were no longer altered by drugs and alcohol resulting in a change to my quality of life. A positive perspective was born that emotionally and mentally influenced my perception. My negative backpack was empty and weightless. It is being refilled with positive tools that are weightless because my life is now seen in solution verses negative pollution. Do not entertain negative thinking, influence positive thinking and start believing.

Perspective- Word of the Week


Perspective is a huge part of my life. When I’m in my addiction my entire perspective and outlook on life changes entirely: my passion for doing things that I love dissipates and my point of view is dramatically negative. I get stuck in a close-minded bubble of negative energy. However, being clean and sober, my positive perspective on life increases tenfold. I start to look at the big picture and actually think positively about the future. While having a positive perspective my passion for astronomy, surfing, and music comes back. My mind opens and I see the world in bright colors. This is so important to me because it sets the foundation of my life. When I see things in a positive way, my actions are healthy and the energy is contagious.