"Word of the Week"- COURAGE IN ADDICTION

Courage- To me, courage is a fundamental variable in the formula for growth and progress. The word courage implies that one is facing difficulty, pain, and grief and is brave enough to move forward, one step at a time, in order to have a desirable outcome. This outcome or gain can be something that one has never obtained but having the faith that hard work, dedication and perseverance will prevail. I can think of many times when I had courage in the face of doubt…self-doubt and doubt from others. One of the best recent examples was my decision to enter treatment and to extend my treatment by months. Giving up control and my will was something that frightened me. Committing to further treatment and taking an honest look, internally and externally, was something that frightened me even more. Giving up a lifestyle where I felt comfortable and facing life with all its responsibilities in tow caused lots of grief and pain. To lose everything I have throughout my addiction and finally taking steps not to get everything back, and more, is daunting. Dealing with all the wreckage has caused a number of obstacles and road blocks, but I move forward, one step at a time, with courage and faith that I can and will have my dreams and aspirations come true. In the face of uncertainty, I trudge forward-even through the moments of self-doubt. It hasn’t been perfect-my track record is littered with setbacks, even recently, but I continue to move forward because I know I deserve more and that I’m capable of much, much more


"Word of the Week"- Courage- Socdetox Client's Perspective 

Courage, for me, means everything in and through my recovery. Courage meant that I had to pick myself up out of a miserable and empty life, so that I could start to learn how to live a life worth living. Having the courage to completely change my life and pull away from everything that had grown to be normal and comfortable. It has taken a huge amount of strength that I never thought I had. It’s easy to do nothing about my addiction, and it’s really hard to have the courage and strength to start something new and different. But without that courage and strength, I wouldn’t be living a clean life today.  Even now, in my daily life, I have to fight for my sobriety with so many temptations in the world. I have to find hope and power within myself to have the courage to say no to that next drug or drink or even to take the next step in my recovery. Without courage, I wouldn’t have the ability to do what I’m doing today, which is learning to keep my head up and smile knowing that I’m growing, even in the face of fear