Connecting with My Creative Voice




I consider myself to be a natural artist and creative person, however I struggle with perfecting my vision with no rough drafts, where my artwork tends to be created as a final draft rather than as a creative process. This perfectionism hinders my ability to move forward with my art because it blocks me from a connection with myself; my talent and creativity.  I’m often frustrated that I spend so much time listening to the voices in my head of self-doubt, criticism, perfectionism, and anger, which stops the artistic process and flow of my creativity.  This leaves me never satisfied with my efforts and resentful of myself for never thinking I’m good enough. In the past, this vicious cycle has often led me to my use heroin as a temporary solution to my insanity, anxiety and self-doubt.  The pain of not living in creativity, is not the type of life that will keep me satisfied and sober however using heroin has almost led me to death multiple times, therefore it is no longer an option for me. 

“The Artist Way”, has led me to an understanding that connection with myself and my higher power is the solution to my creative dilemma.  This solution will only take place if I listen to my true self, without judgement; connecting to my creativity even before I start a piece of art.  I need to have patience with myself and my healing, in an effort to open my mind to a deeper level of artistic expression .  For today, I’m working on listening and connecting to my creative voice, trying to not worry about where I think I “Should Be”, but more on “Connecting” with myself on the process of getting there.

Art as a Meditation

art 2.jpg

Art is a way for me to express myself freely. When working on art I get out of my head and channel whatever feelings or emotions through color codes. Art therapy helps not just because it’s my passion but also because my thoughts and feelings are processed in a group setting. This helps me a lot because it’s hard for me to express myself. Art group is a huge advantage for me because I get to help others with artwork, and expressions. Art is a form of meditation at least for myself because it reveals a lot about a person in a healthy manner.

Art- Light

art light.jpg

Learning to express my true feelings is helping me a lot in recovery. I’ve been able to say things I feel deep down through poems, reading literature, and my favorite being Art Therapy we do every Thursday. Allowing myself to draw and paint new subjects each week and then have the Art shared and talked about in a group setting, brings to light new and exciting insight into what’s really going on with me and what steps to take next. Art Therapy is a group I look forward to every week.

Art- Personal Mask


Art is something I never thought I was talented at nor did I ever think I would benefit from. Salinas art group here at SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT has made me realize that there is much more to art than what you see at first glance. She has helped me to see how my unconscious is trying to rear its head through my drawings, paintings and sculptures that I create. Participating in her Art groups has made me realize that no matter how hard I try to portray, view or interpret my own work to suit my personal mask that I’ve been wearing for so long. All parts of me good and bad, eventually reveal themselves. Art group at SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT has been so instrumental in my recovery and discovering my true self to work through all the trauma, uncomfortable emotions and anything that prevents me from growing. A few topics that Salina has guided me through have been the inner-child work, conflicts within the family, my unhealthy relationships with women and being confident and aware of what I have to offer and how much potential I have. The inner-child work was so crucial in reconnecting with my younger self and remembering who I truly am and what hopes, dreams and vision I have always had for myself. Working on conflicts within the family and coming to terms that I can be in between two emotions in my relationships with my family. It has helped me to realize that I am my own person who has a voice and role in my family and that to have a healthier relationship with them, I need to set boundaries and be assertive and be my own person with my own vision. Working on my unhealthy relationships with women has made me realize that I have been using women to validate myself, boost my self esteem, avoid healthy intimate relationships and that it has been holding me back and blocking me from being my true self and preventing me from having a healthy relationship and from being ok with myself. There so much I have learned through Salinas art groups. It has always been my favorite group and that is what makes Salina and SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT so unique compared to other programs. If you truly want to grow, get help and find yourself, SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT is the place to do it

Freedom in Art

art 4.jpg

Art to me is a form of freedom. I am free to draw or paint anything I want. Nobody has the power to tell you otherwise. For me, I use art to express emotions and feelings. Using a color code, you could be able to identify how I am feeling. Sometimes I paint visions or memories, past or present, that have much deeper meanings. Paintings that are symbolic that I find myself connecting to, have much value because I can see or feel the relativity it gives. If I feel trapped, I can always get it out on paper. Knowing I have the freedom to express myself through art gives me motivation to unlock unknowns in life. I’m grateful I have the gift of art. Negative or positive, it helps me to remember stages of my life. I’ll always remember where and when I did each piece, all through my connection through my own expression.

Finding Strength through Art

Art Recovery 2.jpg

Art has the ability to show things that words and writing cant express. It brings out the subconscious and unconscious parts of the brain, sometimes to show what I am really feeling and thinking. Art therapy bring that to light for me. I am able to express myself, and able to have others analyze and share their view of it. Art therapy has taken me many places; from childhood, all the way through adult hood. It brings out topics and emotions that I never thought would discuss. But it has truly helped me grow emotionally and mentally, thanks to Salina. Not only does it help me with myself, but it also helps me to work through guilt or shame that I experience as a mother in recovery. It helps me gain strength in weak areas so that I can be the best mother to my daughter. If I didn’t experience art in recovery, then I wouldn’t be able to work through so many conflicts, in my head and my life, that help me grow to be emotionally healthy in recovery.


Artistic Expression through Music

Music in all forms tells a story and brings out true feelings that I have a hard time expressing without this. In recovery especially I would be lost without being able to show my art in music. …” God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, and you are the music”

Music in all forms tells a story and brings out true feelings that I have a hard time expressing without this. In recovery especially I would be lost without being able to show my art in music. …” God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, and you are the music”

Art Through Music

By: Wesley Beebower


Art is one amazing thing in this world, the therapeutic value in expressing one’s self is truly amazing. It comes in all different forms, from drawing and poems to music and tattoos. You can express your true self in so many ways, the possibilities are endless. I choose to express my art through music. I like to think music can heal sadness, depression and anxiety. It can change your mood in a split second, and one song can bring back a memory from years ago. I have made a lot of my music out in the open, instead of being confined to a tiny studio, I like to venture out to the beach, the mountains, or even a city with a million things happening at once. I believe this brings out true emotion, and captures the mind in incredible ways to express your art. Honestly if it wasn’t for art and music, where would the world be? There is an amazing event that takes place at a music festival every year called the ART CAR, it is literally a moving boom box, that people attending the festival can walk up to and paint whatever they want on it while inspiring music plays, it shows you that art and music go hand in hand. Music in all forms tells a story and brings out true feelings that I have a hard time expressing without this. In recovery especially I would be lost without being able to show my art in music. …” God is a DJ, life is a dancefloor, love is the rhythm, and you are the music”

Art- Imperfectly Perfect

artist imperfectly perfect .jpg

I feel that in my art work comes out my unconscious mind as well as in my writing. The cool thing about art is you can’t force it just like I can’t force myself to feel I have a connection first or I don’t feel anything. When I have imperfections in my art work I relate it to the parts of me that aren’t perfect and vice versa on the parts of me that come out on the perfectionist side done exactly the way I am trying to be. I relate art to life I look at my own past as the imperfect parts and my future as the done right in the positive paths that are new and undone. As long as the imperfect parts of my mistakes are done with good intentions and healthy emotional boundaries I will look at the imperfect as perfectly done because life progress is Art.

Art- Word of the Week

Art Alex.jpg

Art is a beautiful thing and has been an amazing tool in my recovery, when I feel lost, lonely, upset, resentful, I can draw or journal and see all sides of things and truly express myself. I am able to see things that my conscious can’t, and unconsciously draw or write them down and be able to process through my emotions.  While I was in active addiction, I never really appreciated the beauty in art; not just paintings, or pictures, but all forms of art. Art has so many different forms from drawing or painting, to music, dancing, acting, or photography.  For me, I see some form of art in almost all aspects of my life. In my eyes, every human being can be a artist in some form by expressing themselves and being creative in their own way. I always thought I was a horrible artist, I can’t draw, I can’t paint, I can’t sing, but I know I have a creative side, and I could not see that or appreciate it until I got sober.

One of the most amazing thing’s I have ever been a part of here at South Orange County Detox and Treatment is Salina's Art Group. It is so amazing to be able to process my emotions that sometimes I didn’t even know were there. To see what I unconsciously create and how it can all tie together to my emotions or feelings in that moment. It truly is amazing how art can show so many different things that you did not even know you were feeling. That is Salina’s Art, being able to process art with everyone at South Orange County Detox & Treatment and help bring their creative sides out and help them along the way. Art and being creative has been such a great tool in my sobriety, and even though I am not the greatest artist ever, I can still express myself in way I could never do verbally.


“Walk In My Shoes”- Empathy in Recovery


“Walk In My Shoes”

You feel what it’s like, to walk in my shoes,
O but brother, I feel for you,
You said I don’t know, the pain in your heart,
It seemed since birth, life was off to a bad start,
Now open your mind, and look at the stars,
But don’t be scared, that cross is too much to bear,You think that life isn’t fair, you think that life isn’t fair,
You feel way too much, but I offer my hand,
That might help you up, you say its bad luck,
That you feel too much,
But don’t be scared, that cross is too much to bear,
You think that life isn’t fair, you think that life isn’t fair