Taking "Action" through Self-Love & Emotional Growth as an Athlete

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Being an athlete throughout my life the word action held a quite obvious meaning to me. Action meant running around and playing games. Continuing my active lifestyle, I became a college athlete who received a scholarship to run cross country and track and field for Cal State Fullerton. I had hopes of running fast but due to self-doubt and lack of effort this dream only appeared to be exactly that, a dream. I yearned to be fast, but my actions demonstrated otherwise. I skipped days of practice, constantly ate unhealthy food, and did not get enough rest to replenish my body. Soon enough I began to despise the sport due to the stress and lack of progression. I was in denial, trying to convince myself that somehow, I would achieve my goals and become fast and emotionally healthy without putting effort into my goals.

Seeing as running is a mentally challenging sport, I came to realize that I would not be able to progress as a runner unless I grew mentally. Thus, I decided that I needed to break away from running and take the first step towards my goals by receiving therapeutic help. Ironically, I found a different meaning for the word action when I decided to take a break from being a student athlete.  I knew that to reach my goals of performing well in the sport of running I needed to eliminate the emotional barriers that blocked my progression. Upon deep reflection I knew that I would not be able to achieve my goals if I did not act and work on my emotional growth.

The time away from the sport allowed me to regain focus of my goals and why I wanted to achieve them; not for my coach, not for scholarship money, but for myself. Once I started to act in self-love and stopped comparing myself to others I was able to focus on my goals and was able to become a better version of myself and eventually reach my goals as a runner. Ultimately, I realized that my actions determine my future. If I want something I have to do more that just wish for it, I must act on it. It is easy to put the blame for lack of success on outside variables, but true growth comes from within. Once I realized that my own actions determine my results it was clear that I could not achieve my goals unless I worked hard for it.

 “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”





Taking Action to Fulfill our Dreams

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The first step to being productive towards someone or something you love is to take action. With action you are giving yourself the chance to be happy. I take action towards something because I love it, not because I expect some kind of reward. We take action in our lives with the intention to live fully. Without action we get nowhere. If I’m afraid to take action then I sell myself short because I don’t give myself the chance to express who I really am. For most of us, things aren’t just given to us. We have to go out and get it, we have to put effort and work into what we seek. This is the action we need to take to fulfill our dreams.


Action-Activating Myself in Uncharted Waters

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To me, action in recovery means activating my words into behaviors; showing progress by putting one foot in front of the other. Action feels uncomfortable, at times, because when the drugs are gone and I start to feel things again for the first time clean and sober. By putting my words into play, I can see who I really am by pushing myself through uncomfortable feelings and demonstrating action, despite how difficult it may be. Action is a big part of recovery;  activating myself in uncharted waters for the first time is huge and amazing to see, along with feel. Action helps me grow and gives me the opportunity to re-create myself into the person I want to be. Without action, no progress can truly be made.


Backing My Intentions with Appropriate "Action"- SOCD Word of the Week

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Following through on my intentions with action is something I’m getting into the habit of doing today. I had previously written on how I’ve been repairing the rift between intention and action and the positive, rewarding outcomes because of it. Backing my intention with the appropriate actions is something I’ve had to consistently develop. I had been held prisoner by my addiction for so long that creating new habits was difficult to adhere to. Now, with just over 4 months sober, I have a healthy, productive, and active schedule that benefits me today. No longer am I stuck in a routine of bad habits. Today I follow through my intuition with being assertive when I see something wrong or want to express how I feel, devote time and energy in school, learn from my mistakes, and take steps not to repeat them and show my appreciation and gratitude through action.

Action-Improving My Life & My Relationships

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I have finally made a positive change in my life by starting to take action to better myself. I have been trying to express my emotions and thoughts in a healthy manner, to not over react when situations and circumstances are out of my control, and to improve my life and my relationships by understanding and applying coping mechanisms, defense mechanisms as well as having a deeper understanding of why I have acted in such a destructive way in my past. Nothing will change if I stay complacent and never do anything. Taking action with follow through was the first step for me in order to improve my life. Continuing to take action is a necessity in order for me to have and maintain the life I want to live.