Awakening- Fixing Broken Parts and Finding Direction


For so long I’ve moseyed throughout life as if I was relying on a defective antennae unit, like an airplane whose communication system was down and couldn’t receive direction from the air traffic controller. I needed an engineer to fix my systems, and in my case, Salina and SOCD aided in inspecting and rebuilding the broken and malfunctioning parts of my “system” so that my antennae could receive direction from my air traffic controller who I call my higher power. Upon this rebuilding of my faulty mechanics I’ve been able to experience what I think is a spiritual awakening. It’s almost hard to put into words the effect this has had on me and my recovery. It’s as if my “on” switch has been flipped and I’m able to hear and understand what direction I’m supposed to take; like I’ve been constantly developing maps where I can see the next couple steps and I have faith that these directions are correct and I will continue receiving steps throughout the rest of my life. Thank god for engineers… mechanical, electrical, psychological, or spiritual