Enjoying God Given Blessings in Sobriety- Recovery Word of the Week-Blessings

Blessings Sobriety.jpg

Blessings- What a hard thing to put into words. When I first think of this word, the things that come to mind is God given gifts, or things we hope for. In my reality, it’s never that, sometimes it’s dark clouds with silver linings and other times miniscule golden nuggets that you could collect and eventually add up to something beautiful that you may have never even known you needed. In my addiction, Blessings were finding money on the ground or finding drugs I had hidden and later forgotten about, or weaseling a few more dollars out of my Mom. The word has changed so much for me now, after getting clean and sober. It’s becoming the little things like repaired relationships or being able to give back something to someone that was freely given to me. Its new, real and I get to wake up clean and sober for the rest of my life if I so choose to.