Backing My Intentions with Appropriate "Action"- SOCD Word of the Week

Action School.jpg

Following through on my intentions with action is something I’m getting into the habit of doing today. I had previously written on how I’ve been repairing the rift between intention and action and the positive, rewarding outcomes because of it. Backing my intention with the appropriate actions is something I’ve had to consistently develop. I had been held prisoner by my addiction for so long that creating new habits was difficult to adhere to. Now, with just over 4 months sober, I have a healthy, productive, and active schedule that benefits me today. No longer am I stuck in a routine of bad habits. Today I follow through my intuition with being assertive when I see something wrong or want to express how I feel, devote time and energy in school, learn from my mistakes, and take steps not to repeat them and show my appreciation and gratitude through action.