Lights, Camera, Action- Recovery Word of the Week

lights camera action.jpg

Lights! Camera! Action! I feel like I’m in a movie sometimes. I mean, it makes a lot of sense at least to me. I look at God as my director and me as the actor, playing every genre there is all mixed into one. Action, romance, drama, horror, and comedy. If we didn’t have those genres in our life there would be no plot, no story, a very bland life. When you put drugs or alcohol in the picture, in my opinion, the drugs act as strings that come down and attach to you like a puppet controlling you, taking away from God’s plan, bringing you further and further away from a good ending to a negative standpoint. My point is that God has a plan for all of us, and by using drugs it keeps us in bondage of achieving that plan. I am grateful that SOCD has released me from the horrors that come from my own self will and brought me to God’s will.