Acceptance of Emotions in Recovery

Acceptance of Emotions.jpg

Emotions come and go... They always have and most likely always will. At times in my addiction I was fully convinced I didn’t have any emotions. I was wrong. They have always been there, I would just shove them down as fast as I could so I wouldn’t have to feel or deal with them. Now that I’m clean and sober I still experience many different emotions daily. Some of them I embrace, while others not so much. The beautiful thing is that I don’t have to run from them anymore or deny their existence. I can just let them be. I’ve gained the tools to be able to identify what is going on, and have healthy people around me to process them, with if need be. It’s still not easy and uncomfortable having some emotions such as hurt, sadness, fear, and the list can go on, but thanks to sobriety, I no longer have to run. That in itself is a huge blessing.