Art- Personal Mask


Art is something I never thought I was talented at nor did I ever think I would benefit from. Salinas art group here at SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT has made me realize that there is much more to art than what you see at first glance. She has helped me to see how my unconscious is trying to rear its head through my drawings, paintings and sculptures that I create. Participating in her Art groups has made me realize that no matter how hard I try to portray, view or interpret my own work to suit my personal mask that I’ve been wearing for so long. All parts of me good and bad, eventually reveal themselves. Art group at SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT has been so instrumental in my recovery and discovering my true self to work through all the trauma, uncomfortable emotions and anything that prevents me from growing. A few topics that Salina has guided me through have been the inner-child work, conflicts within the family, my unhealthy relationships with women and being confident and aware of what I have to offer and how much potential I have. The inner-child work was so crucial in reconnecting with my younger self and remembering who I truly am and what hopes, dreams and vision I have always had for myself. Working on conflicts within the family and coming to terms that I can be in between two emotions in my relationships with my family. It has helped me to realize that I am my own person who has a voice and role in my family and that to have a healthier relationship with them, I need to set boundaries and be assertive and be my own person with my own vision. Working on my unhealthy relationships with women has made me realize that I have been using women to validate myself, boost my self esteem, avoid healthy intimate relationships and that it has been holding me back and blocking me from being my true self and preventing me from having a healthy relationship and from being ok with myself. There so much I have learned through Salinas art groups. It has always been my favorite group and that is what makes Salina and SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT so unique compared to other programs. If you truly want to grow, get help and find yourself, SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY DETOX & TREATMENT is the place to do it