Finding "Beauty" Beyond Materialism & Physical Appearance

Beauty Sunset

To me, the meaning of the word beauty has changed quite a bit since I became sober.  In my addiction, "Beauty" was all about physical appearance or material things. But, now, I see the world differently.  I see beauty in the relationships I’ve built, connecting with people, & experiencing God's creations.  When I was using, I couldn't see that God made this earth so beautiful nor could I ever fully appreciate it; the ocean, the trees, the hills; the mountains. Today, one of my favorite things to do is to look at the amazing sunsets & the stars in the sky and try and take in all of its beauty.  Additionally, I appreciate the beauty in my connections with close friends and family, and how beautiful it is to experience forgiveness from these people, even after all of the things I’ve done in my addiction. I am still a work in progress, and at times I still look to outer beauty or material things, but, today, my eyes have been opened to the depth of the meaning of the word beauty and I'm grateful for the new vision that sobriety has given me .