Art Therapy- Wings to Fly in Sobriety


Art Therapy group has been a once-a-week tradition here at South Orange County Detox and Treatment from its inception. Art therapy is a unique and interesting way clients can use their creativity as a vehicle for expressing their innermost worlds and also a medium where they can, collectively, escape into new realities and emotions.

This week’s project had a simple yet hugely inspirational directive. The clients were instructed to create a Flying Creature to represent themselves taking to flight into new realms. On the Wings of this creature were words that indicated the attributes and inner qualities they would need to gain in their newfound sobriety in order to truly fly in life. This proved to be an enlightening group for the clients involved as they were each able to ponder what qualities they would need to continue, or in some cases, begin harvesting in order to really rise to their full potential and fully engage with their true selves.

Some of the attributes identified were necessary to begin the beginning steps of recovery such as willingness, open-mindedness, spirituality; all qualities that would help promote sobriety and acceptance at these early stages of recovery. The clients spoke about how these particular qualities were lacking or non-existent in recent times of their daily using routines. Other traits that they hoped to gain were related to bolstering their personality in order to change their entire disposition. They identified some of these as integrity, forgiveness, love, and honesty.  Finally, they listed some things that they hoped to repair or strengthen after they began working on themselves. They talked about reconnecting with family members, building relationships with healthy, sober friends, and spoke of finding a passion and calling in their lives.  The clients stated that this group was particularly helpful in putting into words and into art the things they might otherwise have a difficult time identifying if not prompted to really ponder. That is the beauty of art therapy; channeling sometimes unseen and unconscious feelings, thoughts, and wishes in order to express ones true-self that may not be so easily accessed.