Leadership in the Rooms of AA

Leadership AA.jpg

Rooms are filled ever day with people who have years of sobriety, are early in recovery, and those who are still suffering in active addiction. There are many similarities we all share. One very important thing to remember is that at one point in time, we ourselves were the new face in the room; unsure and doubtful that anything, let alone, a meeting would be able to save our lives from the hell it was in. I remember when I first started coming to the “anonymous” rooms and how taken back I was by the tremendous display of comradely and support that was being given to one another. Unfortunately, as I have attended more meeting over time I’ve noticed a disgraceful display of leadership by a very small number of “veteran” members. One of the most important and impactful actions we must do is to demonstrate why we are there and why we choose to return time after time. When the few unhealthy and misguided should be “leaders” of the rooms arise and project their negative distorted feeling, the healthy majority has an obligation to one another: to lead them back to the safe, secure, and same state of mind we all deserve to be in. As well as, ensuring that everyone, especially the newcomers, leave with the desire to return.