Finding Lost Love in Recovery

Love Recovery.jpg

One of the biggest and desired feelings that start to fade and come distorted in my addiction is love. My love for the outdoors, love of the people in my life and most importantly the love I have for myself. To me, love is being completely unselfish and doing whatever is best for that of which you love, no matter what. In addiction I have been so self-centered and closed off that love is very rare in my life. I’ve been given time to contemplate and discover new things about myself and people in my life, in many different ways. One of the most impactful being one of our weekly groups at SOCD. We express what we feel through things such as poems or drawings and paintings. Then get feedback on what our conscious or inner self is really trying to say. Salina is always amazing at helping you push yourself and finding what underlying feelings/meanings there are with everyone. All that is provided here, is helping me rediscover what I have lost over the years and yearn for love