Family Enablement – How To Support Your Adult Child In Treatment

Enabling means doing for others what they can, and need to do for themselves. Parents are innately programmed to help their children. Enabling behaviors start as well-intentioned desires to help, but turn dangerous for you and the addict. Enabling behaviors are dangerous because they shield the addict from experiencing the negative consequences of their behavior. Experiencing the negative consequences of behavior is one of the greatest incentives to change.
Examples of enabling behaviors:
-Keeping secrets about addict’s behaviors
-Placing the addicts needs above your own
-Making excuses for addict’s behaviors (teachers, legal authorities, employer, other family members).
-Giving money to the addict
GREAT NEWS! It is possible to for parents to stop enabling behaviors. Although hard at first, you are capable of making change.
Examples of stopping enabling behaviors:
-Keep to your plans (appointments, social engagements) even if the addict refuses to attend at the last minute. This prohibits the addict’s attempt to manipulate you and the family.
-Stop providing money that allows the addict to purchase drugs, alcohol, or participate in other addictive behaviors.
-A great way to support your child, or any addict, is to attend Al-Anon meetings. Al-Anon groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics or addicts who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems. Here at SOCDT, we take clients nightly to Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and we encourage the relatives and friends of our clients to attend Al-Anon meetings.
You may think to yourself, “How do I know if I need to go to an Al-Anon meeting?’. If someone you are close to is an addict and you answer yes to any/all of the following questions, you can benefit from the support of Al-Anon meetings:
-Are you afraid to upset someone for fear it will set off a drinking or using bout?
-Do you feel there is no one who understands your problems?
-Do you feel angry, confused, or depressed most of the time?
-Are holidays and gatherings spoiled because of alcohol or drug use?
-Have you been hurt or embarrassed by an addict’s behavior?
Here at South Orange County Detox and Treatment we provide our clients the opportunity to heal in a comfortable and safe environment. Our caring staff will provide your loved one with individualized treatment to focus on a whole-life transformation.